Cynthia Nixon Could Become the First Queer Governor of New York State

Cynthia Nixon Could Become the First Queer Governor of New York State

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Former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon confirmed Monday that she’s running for governor of New York. She shared the news in a video titled Cynthia Nixon for Governor shared on Twitter and YouTube. You can watch the video below. If Nixon wins, she’ll be the first openly queer woman to hold the position.

“I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us,” the caption read for the video on Twitter.

Rumors have been circulating since August, 2017 that she was prepping for the campaign. Just last week, her PR rep said: “If and when such a decision is made, Cynthia will be sure to make her plans public.”

Well, that day is today.

“New York is my home. I’ve never lived anywhere else,” Nixon says in the video, explaining that she grew up with her single mom in a fifth-floor walkup.

She continues: “New York is where I was raised and where I am raising my kids. I am a proud public school graduate and a prouder public school parent. I was given chances I just don’t see for most of New York kids today. Our leaders are letting us down.”

Education is going to be a centerpiece for the Cynthia Nixon for Governor campaign. She also lists healthcare, ending mass incarnaction and the broken subway system has other important issues for her campaign.

Later in the video, she says that she loves her home state. “I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else, but something has to change,” she explains.

The video ends: “I am Cynthia Nixon. I am a New Yorker and together we can win this fight.”

Watch the Cynthia Nixon for Governor video below:

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