This Week’s Must-Haves: Fiorucci Is Back, and So Are Fanny Packs

This Week’s Must-Haves: Fiorucci Is Back, and So Are Fanny Packs

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Want to have a “Dad Bod” without the binge-drinking or eating? Would you like to have someone deliver your groceries and put them away for you? Feeling nostalgic? The label Fiorucci is having a revival. From the new Dadbag to a refrigerator for your wine collection, behold this week’s list of our favorite must-haves.


The Return of Fiorucci

If you don’t know this label, here’s hoping you soon will. Fiorucci, an Italian clothing brand from the late ’70s, is reportedly making a comeback thanks to the British lingerie company Knickerbox. Known for its colorful and cheeky graphic tees, Fiorucci is the OG of fun fashion, all about eclectic, outlandish styles. Cool kids from the club world understood Fiorucci’s non-conformist aesthetics and made them a sought-after brand until the ’80s.

Now Fiorucci is back with a modern update, offering designs like bomber jackets for new fans. Of course, the label caters to nostalgic fans as well, with classics like the above angel print tee ($120 at If you love Supreme, you’ll dig the new/old Fiorucci collection.

The Dadbag

RompHim, Jeado and men’s lace shorts were so last season. The latest craze: The Dadbag.

The Dad Bod trend has been in effect for a while, because, hey, not everyone prefers a perfect physique. Guys with a thick and sturdy body are sexy in their own way. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best unofficial spokesperson for guys with a dad bod. He doesn’t have six-pack abs but he’s still a babe magnet.

London-based designer Albert Pukies takes the trend to the next level with his latest design. Fascinated by all the posts about ‘dad bod’ being cool, Pukies has created this “fanny pack” for guys who want a dad bod without flirting with health issues. It comes in six different styles, from the hairy (“The Sherman”) to the very sunburned (“The Wolfgang”). Choose the one that matches your skin tone or body type. They’re launching soon, and if you want your own, subscribe to the mailing list at to find out the moment they go on sale.


Walmart & August Home In-Fridge Services

Maybe you’re a busy professional with a hectic schedule. You work hard all day and then network like crazy after-hours. Not to mention you need to hit the gym to keep up your appearance. With this kind of schedule, who has time to waste on chores like grocery shopping and loading those groceries into the refrigerator?

Luckily for you, help is on the way. Retail giant Walmart has partnered up with August Home, a smart-lock startup, on a new service that delivers groceries straight to your fridge when you’re not home.

Once you put in your grocery order with Walmart, they will promptly deliver it to your home while you’re our doing … whatever it is you want. The delivery person will use a one-time-use passcode provided by August Home to enter your house. Instead of dropping those groceries at your front door, they’ll be properly put away for you. For security purposes, you will get a notification from August Home once the delivery person enters your house, and you can also monitor the process with August Home’s home surveillance camera through your app.

Currently this service is targeting Silicon Valley using a small number of August Home users for an initial pilot test. If you’re interested in the service, has more info.


The Kalamera 157 Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

Are you a wine collector and connoisseur? You already have bottles and bottles of delicious wine at home; now you just need a place to store them, and Kalamera’s freestanding wine refrigerator is your best bet.

This refrigerator is made of stainless steel, with a triple-layered, tempered glass door. It also has soft LED lighting and removable wooden racks (made of beech) for a stylish touch. The refrigerator has the latest in compressor technology, meaning it puts out little vibration and keeps noise levels from shifting wine sediment. (Yep, that’s a thing.)

This wine refrigerator can be built-in or freestanding anywhere in your house. It holds up to 157 standard bottles of wine, which means it’s perfect for the guy who’s always wanted to have a wine cellar but doesn’t have a cellar. $1,199 at

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