‘Daddy Issues’ Is a Sexy New Addition to L.A.’s Gay Nightlife (Photos)

‘Daddy Issues’ Is a Sexy New Addition to L.A.’s Gay Nightlife (Photos)

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A brand-new party has taken Los Angeles by storm, and this time it has hopped stateside from across the pond. Daddy Issues is the name of a one-year-old, gay London nightlife event, the brainchild of DJ Borja Pena and promoter OLLYWOOD. But it’s more than a party. It’s a brand.

The very first L.A. installment of Daddy Issues took place on Thursday, June 22, at The Lash, a popular Downtown bar. A trio of DJs brought the music to the masses: DJ Borja PeñaBouffant Bouffant of New Orleans and newly-local-to-L.A. DJ Mike etc. Social media promotion and word of mouth did the trick, and the party was packed from the time it opened its doors at 10 p.m.

Going forward, the party will take place every fourth Thursday of the month, with the next installment taking place July 27.

Daddy Issues promoter OLLYWOOD (right) with recording artist AB Soto

“Borja is in charge of the music policy and making sure we always have awesome DJs from all over the world, while I focus on creative branding and social media,” OLLYWOOD recently told us from 39,000 feet in the air. (He was on a flight.) “The Daddy Issues t-shirts designed by @heyrooney grew into its own business, which we now both have to manage.”

The Daddy Issues tees of which OLLYWOOD speaks have been a huge hit around Los Angeles lately. “It’s been so exciting seeing how in demand they have become, and seeing guys tag us in pictures of them all over the world,” he says.

And recently, on Father’s Day, Daddy Issues dropped two new swimwear designs, bringing the merch for sale at daddyissueslondon.com to a total of 10 pieces.

OLLYWOOD says of the L.A. launch, “It was one of my favorite parties we’ve done. Everything just clicked, and it felt so great. The crowd was the perfect mix of sexy daddies and fashionistas, models and club kids. Our party is all about bringing all types of guys together. We love you if you’re a masc daddy top or a fem daddy’s boy. It’s the perfect party for both to mix, despite usually being separated.”

Check out these pics from the first installment of Daddy Issues L.A.:

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All party photos by Jeremy Lucido

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