L.A. Party ‘Daddy Issues’ Premieres a Zine Filled to the Brim With Sexy Men (NSFW)

L.A. Party ‘Daddy Issues’ Premieres a Zine Filled to the Brim With Sexy Men (NSFW)

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We reported on Daddy Issues back in June, as the queer party that had already caused a ruckus in London finally made its way stateside and rocked the nightlife scene of Los Angeles. Sexy men from near and far converged at The Lash in Downtown L.A. to dance, drink and flirt. But our new favorite party is now making new headlines (our favorite kind of lines) this week, announcing the premiere issue of the Daddy Issues Zine, a 52-page, limited-edition collectible.

In creating the Daddy Issues Zine, the party — which it should be said has only been around for a year and a half but has become a sort of international phenom, with parties in London, L.A., Madrid, San Francisco and soon NYC and Mexico, plus a popular line of branded T-shirts — worked with the dietary fiber supplement Pure for Men (you may have seen their commercials) and photographer Christopher Sherman.

The pocket-sized collectible is chock-full of Sherman’s sexy photography, featuring NSFW shots of men of all shapes, sizes and colors. That diversity is important to Daddy Issues, which prides itself on being a party for everyone. “Our party is about bringing all types of guys together. We love you if you’re a masc daddy top or a fem daddy’s boy,” the party’s promoter, OLLYWOOD, told us back in June. That’s a sentiment reflected in the pages of the Daddy Issues Zine as well.

OLLYWOOD describes the main goal of the zine as “to show all different types of guys, all shapes and sizes, all races, but with the signature Daddy Issues wink, which Christopher Sherman’s work captures perfectly, so it was an awesome fit.”

The Daddy Issue Zine hopes to collaborate with other photographers for future editions.

Those looking to purchase a copy can do so at daddyissueslondon.com, and those who find themselves in Los Angeles this Thursday are in luck: The premiere issue of the Daddy Issues Zine is available to pick up (for free!) at the launch party, Nov. 16 at The Lash.

At this point, the Daddy Issues Zine is simply the latest project to pour out of the mind of OLLYWOOD and his DJ collaborator Borja Pena. But what’s next for the duo?

“I never stop thinking of what next,” OLLYWOOD tells us. “I’d love to take the party to Hong Kong. More merch, phone cases, beach towels. We still haven’t done NYC, which has been the goal from day one. We just need a decent venue, if anyone wants to hook us up.”

Check out these exclusive images from the Daddy Issues Zine premiere issue:

For more info on Daddy Issues and the Daddy Issues Zine, go here.

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