Dan Savage Helping MTV ‘Get Better’ With Savage U

Dan Savage Helping MTV ‘Get Better’ With Savage U

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Dan Savage is best known these days for creating the It Gets Better Project with husband-in-Canada, boyfriend-in-the-U.S. Terry Miller, but many of us had been following his wildly successful sex and relationship advice column, Savage Love, for years.

MTV, the network that helped launch Dr. Drew Pinsky’s media domination years ago with Love Line, has tapped Savage for a ten episode season of Savage U, in which the columnist transforms his candid column into a Q&A on college campuses across North America. Think questions about self-esteem, buttsex, pegging, and more euphemisms than you can shake a stick at.

Savage is something of a polarizing figure at home here in Seattle, where he serves at the editorial director of king of indie newspapers, The Stranger. While he’s hailed as a hero for It Gets Better throughout the world, he is regularly blacklisted from LGBT events and organizations in Seattle because he “fails to stay on script.” Savage also came under fire recently for publishing criticism of Dr. Rob Killian’s breakthrough HIV preventative drug.

Regardless, we’re looking forward to his collaboration with MTV. Will you be tuning in to Savage U?

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