That Trans Trump Supporter Just Dumped Her Hot Husband, So Let’s All Lust After Him

That Trans Trump Supporter Just Dumped Her Hot Husband, So Let’s All Lust After Him

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Earlier this year, we profiled Edie DePoorter-Dixon and her husband Daniel Dixon. While attending Pride in Orlando, Florida, the pair were photographed and interviewed by The New York Times‘ Women in the World column because Edie is transgender and a Donald Trump supporter.

“Coming out as LGBT may have been a little more ‘hands on,’” Edie explains, referring to the physical attacks she endured when she came out as a gay man in Nebraska back in 2012. “But the wounds heal. I still had my friends, family, and support system. I lost all of that, including my career, for coming out conservative.”

DePoorter-Dixon doubled down and supported Trump even after he announced his proposed ban of transgender people from the military.

She told The Blaze:

I am actually very satisfied. This is Trump showing that he is a president for equality because this isn’t about transgender people, this is about transgender treatment. And if you look at the medical disqualifying guidelines of the military that they use, we are medically reliant. And therefore disqualifies us. We are no better than diabetics. We are no better than asthmatics. We should be disqualified at enlistment because we are medically reliant.

Well, it looks like the married couple have broken up — as Daniel Dixon took to social media to share that he is sleeping alone and in desperate need of some oxytocin, the chemical produced from spooning.

He writes on Facebook: “Sleeping alone 🙁 for the first time in over two years… I need someone to cuddle with I’m having oxytocin withdrawal… Fuck heartless bitches and relationships in general I’m out.”

Dixon’s bio on Facebook reads: “Eat Sleep Lift Ride Repeat. I love fitness, cycling, good food, good people, making memories.”

Unlike his ex, Dixon seemed very vocal against Trump and a whole lot more progressive. In March, Daniel posted for Trump’s impeachment saying: “We impeached Clinton for lying about getting a blow job… WTF is wrong with America? Get this bad joke out of office!”

Maybe politics got in between the pair? Regardless, line for his little spoon begins behind me.

Check out some snaps from Daniel Dixon’s Instagram:

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