Daniel Radcliffe and His Hot Friends Show Off Their Bare Bums in New Film ‘Jungle’ (NSFW)

Daniel Radcliffe and His Hot Friends Show Off Their Bare Bums in New Film ‘Jungle’ (NSFW)

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Daniel Radcliffe has a new film, Jungle, and in it, the 27-year-old actor fights for survival in the wilderness and in the process, bares his bum. His cute friends in the film do, too. We’re proud to give you not only a still from the film, but a GIF as well. This is the important work we do as gay journalists.

Based on the best-selling memoir by Yossi Ghinsberg, Jungle tells the story of a young adventurer (Daniel Radcliffe) who heads into the Amazon jungle with two friends (played by Joel Jackson and Alex Russell) and a guide (Thomas Kretschmann). But their journey quickly turns into a terrifying and harrowing ordeal when the men are separated, and Yossi must fight for his own survival.

Radcliffe opened up to Men’s Journal about the process of filming, saying that even though he near starved himself on set, his experience obviously wasn’t anything as dire as what the protagonist went through in real life.

Listen I don’t want to go on talking about how much I struggled, because I was on a movie set and this actually happened to a guy. I got to go back to a nice hotel at the end of the night. That being said, it was a tough shoot for the cast, the crew, and myself. Going in, I don’t think anyone expected for it to be a walk in the park.

I was trying to make myself uncomfortable the entire time, and I mostly did that by eating virtually nothing. I knew that there is a psychological effect that happens when hunger become a permanent state, that allowed me to understand what he was feeling. I would have felt horrible doing these scenes, and then going back to the hotel for a steak dinner.

Check out the Daniel Radcliffe butt scene right here:

And here is a GIF if you need to see Daniel Radcliffe’s butt in action:

Jungle is open now in select theaters.

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