Daniel Tosh Digs Into the Zakar Twins’ Sex Lives (Video)

Daniel Tosh Digs Into the Zakar Twins’ Sex Lives (Video)

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On last night’s new episode of Tosh.0, comedian Daniel Tosh digs into the sex lives of the Zakar twins.

We’ve actually profiled the pair of identical twins before, so we were super excited to see them on his Comedy Central show last night.

During high school, Iraqi-American twins Michael and Zach Zakar looked identical but were quite different. Michael was an artistic loner and Zach was a rugby-playing jock.

Coming out to their Iraqi-born parents wasn’t easy. While their father was cool about it, their Catholic mother had a hard time accepting their sexuality and threw holy water upon them before fleeing to her church for a week.

The pair caught the attention of Daniel Tosh, and he featured them on his show last night.

After parading around a closet in skimpy underwear, Tosh got down to the nitty gritty questions quickly, asking the pair if they’ve had sex with one another.

They said despite their very sexualized social media brand, they haven’t.

Michael answers, “We haven’t had sex with each other. Not yet.”

Tosh than admitted that the first person he ever french kissed was his brother.

“The first person I ever French kissed, true story, was my brother,” he recalls. “We just wanted to touch tongues and see what it felt like.”

“I saw Michael’s dick once and I was uncomfortable,” Zach admits. “I think I went back in the closet.”

Next, Tosh asks, “When you were cloning your dicks, they weren’t the exact same size. Are you not true identical twins?” The question referred to a video of the twins using a product called Clone-A-Willy to make vibrating molds of their penises.

Zach, who’s dick was smaller, responds, “You try getting hard in front of your brother, you know?”

Tosh than admits he’d like to give a man a hand job.

“I feel like you’d be rough,” Zach responds.

The pair also admit that the most common request they get from fans is for their worn underwear. They don’t seem to deny that they fulfill the request, for a price.

“Mine go from $100 to $500,” Zach says.

To which Tosh responds, “Does $500 have stinky stains?”

To watch the full episode of Tosh.0, head here.

You can see more sexy pics of the Zakar twins at their Instagram, their YouTube channel and learn more about their work at their website.

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