Ex-Porn Star Danny Wylde Talks About Gay Stigma and Persistent Boners Culture

Ex-Porn Star Danny Wylde Talks About Gay Stigma and Persistent Boners

Written by R. S. Benedict on June 21, 2017
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In an interview with the Independent, former porn star Christopher Zeidschegg (known by his stage name Danny Wylde) opened up about facing anti-gay stigma and erections severe enough to land him in the hospital.

Zeidschegg said he ran into trouble when he tried to crossover from gay porn to straight porn. Straight porn directors shunned him, he said, because he had performed in gay scenes earlier in his career.

The directors tried to tell him that it had to do with rules regarding STI testing and condom use, but Zeidschegg doesn’t buy it.

“When I listened to many people talk about why they were against ‘crossover’ performers, it seemed to have more to do with homophobia than anything else,” he says.

Zeidschegg says he stopped doing porn after he ended up in the hospital for priapism — a persistent erection — for the third time as a result of overuse of erectile dysfunction medication:

Over the course of an eight year career, I ended up in the emergency room three times. All for priapism. After the third time, a doctor said to me that if I kept using the drugs, I could cause some serious long-term damage, like scar tissue build-up in my penis, which could lead to impotence. I quit performing in porn the following day.

Since leaving the adult film industry, Zeidschegg has been working as a writer, filmmaker and DJ.


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