Dacre Montgomery From ‘Stranger Things’ Flashes His Abs, Undies and Armpits in This Sexy BTS Vid

Dacre Montgomery From ‘Stranger Things’ Flashes His Abs, Undies and Armpits in This Sexy BTS Vid

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Dacre Montgomery (pronounced Day-ker), the actor who plays the possibly gay and racist character Billy in Season 2 of Netflix’s horror series Stranger Things, has been making fans thirsty of late. First, we got to see his Stranger Things audition video in which he appeared shirtless and reportedly danced around in a g-string. And now, a makeup artist has released a Dacre Montgomery spray tan video in which the actor flashes his armpits, reveals the undies just below his unbuttoned jeans and bares his torso. Ohhhhh yessss.


The story behind the Dacre Montgomery spray tan video

Sarah Hindsgaul, a professional hair and makeup artist with over 20 years of industry experience, recently shared her video via Instagram. In it, she adds a little makeup to Montgomery’s chest to make him appear more tanned. In the background, The Eagles’ “Hotel California” plays. She and the 22-year-old actor joke and make fart noises while she sprays him down.

In her Instagram post — which has now been viewed over 6.2 million times — Hindsgaul mentions that Montgomery’s abs are real. You can also tell from the curve in his jeans that he has a nice butt too — just sayin’.


Here is the Dacre Montgomery spray tan video:

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