‘Gay for Pay’ Porn Star Sentenced After Brutally Stabbing Sugar Daddy to Death

‘Gay for Pay’ Porn Star Sentenced After Brutally Stabbing Sugar Daddy to Death

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A 27-year-old gay porn performer named David Enrique Meza was found guilty of murdering his 51-year-old gay lover, Jake Clyde Merendino, during their vacation in Mexico in May 2015. Federal prosecutors sentenced Meza to life in prison for fatally stabbing his Texas retiree boyfriend 24 times.

In federal court, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller called the homicide an “inhumane, depraved act.” He chose a harsh sentence due to Meza’s “heinous” actions.

In 2010, Meza performed as Francisco, an uncut, body-builder bottom for the popular gay porn site Sean Cody. In 2013, he met Merendino through an online personal ad that listed Meza as straight but mentioned that he did “gay things” for money. Merendino paid Meza $100 to come to his hotel room and the two began a long-distance relationship.

Meza lived in San Diego and Merendino lived in Texas. The two regularly e-mailed; Meza would say “I love you” in his e-mails and Merendino provided Meza with lavish gifts like a sports car worth $45,000 and nearly $20,000 in cash.

Meza told his friends that he had received these gifts working as an accountant for rich clients and also said that he was helping Merendino purchase a condo. But unbeknownst to Merendino, Meza had a long-term girlfriend who had become pregnant and engaged to Meza.

Around May 1, 2015, Merendino moved to Rosarita, a beachside town in Baja California (about 30 miles south of San Diego) with the hopes that Meza would become his live-in boyfriend. But Meza’s girlfriend was due to deliver in June, so Meza hatched a plan.

Prosecutors say that Merendino finalized the condo deal and named David Enrique Meza as the sole beneficiary of both his $3 million Texas estate and his $273,000 oceanfront condominium.

To celebrate, the two travelled to Mexico on May 1 and, after a brief celebration that night, Meza rode his motorcycle back to the U.S.. Meza then contacted Merendino around 1 a.m. to ask for help after his bike had allegedly broken down. Around 3 a.m., someone found Merendino’s body thrown off a cliff after being stabbed 24 times and having his throat slashed.

Later that day, Meza and his pregnant fiancée, Taylor Langston, both re-entered the U.S. separately and then later returned to Mexico to get Meza’s belongings from Merendino’s hotel room. About 11 days later, Meza drained Merendino’s bank account.

David Enrique Meza is at least the second murderer on Sean Cody’s roster of past performers. In June 2010, a Sean Cody model named Addison (real name, Jason Andrews) planned the murder of a Florida tattoo artist with his porn actress-slash-massuer girlfriend. Together they made off with $6,000 of the victim’s belongings until their subsequent arrest.

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