David Kato Memorial: “Your Death Will Not Be In Vain”

David Kato Memorial: “Your Death Will Not Be In Vain”

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Activists, mourners, and those touched by the story of David Kato’s life and death took to the streets around the country this week to honor the slain activist’s memory.

“Dear David, in honor of the sacrifice you have made for all of us, we will do our part [for] the movement you’ve helped to propel forward by daring to be bold enough for those who do not have the privilege to be bold. We will continue to push through our fear to be visible to those who need to see us, to speak to those who need to hear us, to support those who need our support. In honor of your work, and all the others who have died before and will continue to die after you, we will never stop speaking. We will never stop fighting. Your death will not be in vain.”, said Ugandan LGBT activist Val Kalende at the NYC memorial. Kalende was also a personal friend of Kato’s

Vigils were held simultaneously in San Francisco at the Castro For Kato event, and in Washington D.C.

Those of you touched by Mr. Kato’s untimely death can donate to his organization, Sexual Minorites Uganda, HERE.

Did you make it out to one of the memorials?

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