‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Threatens to Shut Down America’s Restaurant Industry Today

‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Threatens to Shut Down America’s Restaurant Industry Today

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Restaurants all over the country are shutting down today for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a nationwide protest against Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

The purpose of the strike is to show how important immigrants are to the United States and highlight how much they contribute to the economy.

According to the Department of Labor, immigrants make up 16.7% of the workforce. And the George Mason Institute found that in 2012, immigrant households contributed a net of $61 billion to state and federal income tax (after accounting for social assistance).

Immigrants make up a huge part of America’s food industry as well. Most farm workers are foreign-born, and a third of meatpacking jobs are done by immigrants. And about 10% of restaurant workers are immigrants, too.

As a result, the strike hits the food industry the hardest. Many restaurant owners have promised to shut down voluntarily in solidarity with their workers.

CNBC writes:

“First of, I am an immigrant myself,” Andy Shallal, founder of Busboys and Poets, a restaurant, bar and bookstore chain located in the D.C. area, told CNBC. “There are pivotal moments when standing on the sidelines is not an option. This is one of those moments. This is why I decided to close all Busboys and Poets locations on Thursday, Feb. 15 in solidarity with ‘A Day Without Immigrants.’ ”

Other restaurants are remaining partially open with limited service:

And immigrant-owned businesses are shutting their doors.


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