Can a Man Follow Male Models on Instagram and Still Be Straight? Dear Abby Answers

Can a Man Follow Male Models on Instagram and Still Be Straight? Dear Abby Answers

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A conflicted young woman has reached out to Dear Abby about her boyfriend’s secretive phone behavior that includes following lots of male models on Instagram.

“Conflicted in Idaho” writes:  “I am 19 and love my boyfriend a lot. He is very sweet and would do anything for me. However, I am beginning to think there may be someone else. The someone else is male.My boyfriend has become very secretive lately with his phone, and I’ve noticed he’s followed a lot of male modeling accounts on Instagram. Should I confront him about it, or am I overthinking things?”

“You are not overthinking,” Dear Abby responds. “Because you are having doubts about your boyfriend’s faithfulness, ask him why he has become secretive with his phone and why he is viewing male models on Instagram. Unless he’s trying to become a model, it is possible that he may be bisexual. If that’s the case — and you are correct that he would “do anything” for you — he should level with you about it.

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Next, Dear Abby veers into some murky territory when she suggests the young woman should get an STD test as soon as possible.

Dear Abby concludes:If you have been having unprotected sex with this young man, I urge you to be tested for STDs as soon as possible.”

We’re not sure if she would be recommending this if the boyfriend was possibly having a heterosexual affair, or if she’s simply stating this because there’s a chance the boyfriend might be bisexual or gay. If it’s the latter, that’s a bit of old-school biphobia and homophobia mixed in to her response, which we def find no bueno. We’re hoping she would have reserved the same warning if the guy was sleeping with a woman.

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