Death By Butt Injection, Is Trans Singer Black Madam To Blame? News

Death By Butt Injection, Is Trans Singer Black Madam To Blame?

Written by Kevin Farrell on June 10, 2015
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WANTED for crimes against butts: Black Madam

Police are searching for a transgender hip-hop singer named Black Madam after a botched butt job resulted in the death of a British tourist named Claudia Aderotimi. Aderotimi reported chest pains to her two friends, one of whom also received the black market butt procedure, shortly before her death.

Al three women flew to Philadelphia from England, after brokering a deal online for discounted silicon injections into their rear ends. The procedures were performed at an airport Hampton Inn fourth floor room, hardly a sterile environment.

‘Black Madam’ At Center Of Implant Case: MyFoxPHILLY.com

The surviving women have identified Philadelphia area transgender singer Black Madam as the one who gave the injections. The Madam has gone into hiding, aided by a number of aliases including Padge Williams and Victoria Lange. Police have taken multiple ID’s and credit cards from her home in the Philly suburbs, as well as silicon and medical supplies.

Black Mama remains at large.

Ladies and gents, puh-leeeeze do not seek out underground plastic surgery. You’re gorgeous just the way you are.

Are you surprised/confused/bewildered about this story like we are?

Via MyFoxPhilly

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