Meet Deitre: They’re Brooklyn’s Queer Glam Rock Band, and They Proudly Live Their Truth

Meet Deitre: They’re Brooklyn’s Queer Glam Rock Band, and They Proudly Live Their Truth

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Up-and-coming Brooklyn band Deitre is redefining the music industry with their talent and individuality. They just dropped the first music video for their song “I’m Out” that was included on their self-titled EP. For their first foray into visuals, it’s a bold step. But their “queer-empowered experience” is on full view here, and honestly: we love what we see and hear.

We had the opportunity to chat with Deitre frontman Richie Bee about the music industry, challenges facing queer musicians and what’s next for the band after their first video release. Bee tells us not to worry about how you’ll be perceived and just to do the damn thing. Amen!

Why do you think queer representation is missing from the music industry?

I don’t know if I can answer as to why I think it’s missing from the music industry because I feel like there has definitely been a shift — however small — in the amount of gay mainstream artists out now. I’m always taken back by how our community is constantly making strides to becoming more accepted by society. I mean… RuPaul is a perfect example. Mama is now on VH1! That shit is huge! I honestly only see us going up from here.

What are some of the challenges facing a queer, glam band like Deitre?

The only challenges I feel we face are the challenges we create from our own insecurities. There’s always the fear of acceptance, by gay communities and straight communities alike. Am I too femme? Am I too this? Will people like us? But I try not think about those things. I just think about doing the damn thing. Being nothing else but who I am. And that’s what I think being an artist, especially a queer artist, is about. Embracing the real you without caring what anyone else thinks. I also feel like our love for what we do, will translate across the board.

Who are some musicians who have influenced your work?

I would say that I am more influenced by my life and the people that make up my story. Peter Savad and I write all of our music together. He has a more alternative rock background while I have a more power-pop background. Together, I think we create something special and unique in its own right.

After this music video, what’s next for you?

Well, in the near future we are actually having a Video Release Party thrown by Radio Free Brooklyn Thursday, March 1st at The Well in Brooklyn. So come out and see us live! Shows start at 8:00 PM. We are on at 10:00. We are also excited to have our song “Feeling Good” featured in the upcoming short film Femme. Other than that, we’re currently booking festivals for the summer. Just trying to get our sound out!

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