designing women reboot tv reboots
designing women reboot tv reboots

Is a ‘Designing Women’ Reboot Next? This Original Star Wants the Feminist Sitcom to Return

We’re loving the return of so many women-led shows — Roseanne debuts tonight, Will and Grace was just renewed for two more seasons, and shows like Sabrina and Murphy Brown are slated to come back soon. And that doesn’t even go into the shows that are rumored to be returning, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Clarissa Explains It All. Well, you can add a new rumor to the pile — if Annie Potts has her way, a Designing Women reboot could be next.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Potts says she’d “love” to see a new version of Designing Women. The long-running CBS sitcom aired from 1986-1993. It was created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who created a number of hit shows for CBS back in the ’80s and ’90s — including the Burt Reynolds vehicle Evening Shade and Hearts Afire, starring John Ritter and Markie Post.

Designing Women, focusing on four women and one man at an interior design firm in Georgia, was one of the prestigious line of issue-sitcoms. Episodes dealt with homophobia, women’s health issues and even HIV stigma in an 1988 episode nominated for two Emmy awards. Potts says this political drive of the show is the perfect reason to bring it back:

“Every Monday night was a MeToo moment for us, and we were talking about it; we were very political,” Potts says. “I’m sad that there’s not such a strong voice, I don’t think, in any singular show. Nobody is doing what we did then. So yeah, if [creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason] wanted to write six episodes and do it in my hiatus, I would be there in a minute.”

One potential problem is that two of the leads — Dixie Carter and Meshach Taylor — have since passed away. Likewise, two of the three leads, Potts and Jean Smart, are quite busy — Potts with a role in Young Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory spinoff, Smart with Legion. The show’s other lead actress, Delta Burke, is free, having steered clear of television since 2012.

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