Trolls Swarmed This 10-Year-Old Drag Queen’s Facebook Page to Call Him an Abomination

Trolls Swarmed This 10-Year-Old Drag Queen’s Facebook Page to Call Him an Abomination

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Desmond is Amazing is a Facebook page containing pictures of Desmond Napoles, a 10-year-old kid who likes drag queens and dressing up in drag. The page is primarily run by Napoles’ mother Wendylou and contains pictures dating back to July 1, 2015, of Desmond in drag at various parades and drag events.

According to Napoles’ mother, this weekend 150 trolls flooded her son’s page with hateful comments and somehow banned her from accessing the Desmond is Amazing page for 24 hours after the administrator of a Facebook group called Voter Apathy Party encouraged his followers to “head over” to Desmond’s page “and give a 1-star review.”

He added, “Woman is manipulating and exploiting her kid for virtue signaling.”

The Facebook trolls that descended on the Desmond is Amazing page accused her of child abuse, child exploitation and pushing her political agenda onto her child. They also called Desmond “slow,” “ugly,” an “abomination,” said that “he looks like he has AIDS” and added they hope that someone will “burn it with fire” (“it” presumably meaning Desmond).

The Voter Apathy Page summons trolls to attack Nopales’ page.

In a very long, passionate and personal public Facebook response, Wendylou responded to the haters by explaining that she and her husband have never tried to push their political beliefs onto their son — “I am neither a registered Democrat or Republican, and have never been, nor am I particularly active in any political group or ideology,” she writes — and that they have only ever tried to encourage Desmond to follow his own passions.

Wendylou also added that Desmond has autism, his medication speeds up his metabolism (contributing to his slim appearance) and making dresses and doing drag helps Desmond manage the symptoms of autism.

She also clarified that Desmond self-identifies as gay — he has had crushes on boys since the first grade and she stresses that he has never been molested and no one talks to him about sex. She also said that he is not transgender and only wears drag occasionally.

Comments left by trolls on the Desmond is Amazing Facebook page

Lastly, Desmond’s mother said she is not using the page as a way to get fame for herself (she claims she has never been in front of the camera during her son’s interviews). She adds the page serves only as a scrapbook for her son’s drag adventures and as a way to let him connect with other young kids interested in drag. They don’t make money from the page and are in fact quite poor.

In response, Desmond is Amazing also released the following video:

Responding directly to her haters, Wendylou wrote:

Why would you do this as a grown adult to a 10-year-old child? Does it make you feel good to pick on a kid, just because they are different? Just because they don’t fit into YOUR values, YOUR morals, YOUR interpretation of religion, YOUR ways of parenting, YOUR political beliefs, YOUR lifestyle??? ….

He is being raised with unconditional love, has been treated as an intelligent individual, and has been told every day of his life that he is a worthy person in this world, no matter what. He is self-confident, smart, and self-aware. Desmond constantly has a parent with him at all times, is supervised, and he only attends family friendly or all ages events. He is a happy and well-adjusted child….

It is because of harassment from people like YOU that cause our youth to commit suicide. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. People who bully are the atrocity, not people like my son. You know what is truly disgusting? People who say, “BURN IT WITH FIRE!” to a kid. People really need to mind their own business and take a good long hard look at their own families and their own parenting.


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