Dick Cheney’s Outrageously Creepy Photoshopped Book Cover

Dick Cheney’s Outrageously Creepy Photoshopped Book Cover

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“This is the cover of Dick Cheney’s new book. The publisher released it yesterday. Remind you of anything? Dick Cheney’s book pictures him in the same suit,and the same shirt, and the same tie, and the same flag pin, and the exact same placement of the flag pin, standing in the exact same place where President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. He is standing in exactly the same place. The picture for his book taken from exactly the same angle, except of course on his book cover, Mr. Cheney stands a head taller than President Obama. Dick Cheney’s new book pictorially makes him the guy who killed Bin Laden.”

-Rachel Maddow

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