‘Dick Code’ Offers a New, Safer Way for Shy Guys to Share Cock Pics

‘Dick Code’ Offers a New, Safer Way for Shy Guys to Share Cock Pics

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György Szűcs is the 28-year-old Hungarian developer behind Dick Code (NSFW), a website that helps people who feel shy about sending their personal dick pics. Now, instead of sending a dick pic, you can choose images that convey your penis’ length, girth, curvature, veins and head size as well as its hairiness and cum (including your cum shot’s trajectory, consistency and duration).

When you’re done selecting pictures that accurately describe your penis and money shots, the website creates a “dick code” URL that you can send to people on social apps when they ask to see your dick. For example, here’s mine (NSFW).

“It’s way more descriptive and you don’t have to worry about your dick ending up on Tumblr,” the site says. “It is free, anonymous and nothing gets stored or shared. You’ll impress people with details you didn’t even know mattered. SIZE IS NOT EVERYTHING.”

In a recent interview with MEL magazine, Szűcs says that the average dick pic doesn’t always contain the sort of information someone might want to know. “I’m interested in the cumming part — how it shoots, how many times, the duration — I like it when someone has abilities in this way,” he admitted. “I also really like if someone is hairy down there. It’s something most people consider weird, but I go crazy for it.”

He used drawings of dicks but left out written descriptions because he wanted people to use their minds when choosing how their dicks look. That being said, Dick Code isn’t perfect: There are no images to show off the size of a person’s balls, how low their nuts hang, how the penis looks when flaccid or what the penis likes having done to it. But worry not — Szűcs says that he’ll eventually add more images and options in an upcoming version.

The bottom of the Dick Code webpage also has a donation link where people can help fund “the Vagina, Boob & Sex Code,” projects that he’s actually interested in developing and eventually offering to dating apps, once he can show a strong level of user interest.

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