Did Lady Gaga Kick Drunken Adam Lambert Out of Her Birthday Party?

Did Lady Gaga Kick Drunken Adam Lambert Out of Her Birthday Party?

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Us Weekly is reporting that Adam Lambert party-crashed and party-fouled at Lady Gaga’s surprise 25th birthday bash this week at Los Angeles’ La Cita Mexican restaurant. Lambert, who was not on the guest list, attended as a guest of the Scissor Sisters.

Lambert was DOA – drunk on arrival, and it only got worse from there. Doing his best Jersey Shore, homeboy climbed furniture and fist pumped a hole right through the ceiling of the restaurant. He later took to Twitter to explain.

If only that were the worst of it though. Lambert went back to his roots and got all American Idol on Gaga with a birthday cake serenade, even though again, he wasn’t even invited in the first place. When he tried to smoosh cake in her face, Gaga had security toss Lambert out on his ass. Peace!

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/adamlambert/status/52977749001908224″]

Naughty, naughty, Mr. L.

With that said, we’re loving the beehived Gaga’s mariachi mix of Born This Way from her party! Ay caramba!

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