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gay blog, gay news, gay friendly

Did Lo Bosworth (That Other Chick From The Hills) Out JTT? Did We?

gay blog, gay news, gay friendly
Photo c/o Washed Up Celebrities (Not joking.)

Lo Bosworth, the least famous girl from MTV’s The Hills, and real life bff and roommate of Lauren Conrad stopped by Chelsea Lately last night to dish on her new book, touring, the ridiculousness that was The Hills, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ sexuality (As one does).

Gay rumors are nothing new for JTT. When he left 90’s uber-sitcom Home Improvement, the rumor mill started pushing hard on this one. The fact that he all but disappeared from Hollywood and teen idol status did little to diminish the talk.

Whether gay or straight, we hope he’s yupping it up somewhere in southern California, cashing those royalty checks with a big gay grin on his face. You go boy.

What do you think of Lo’s down low chat?

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