Did Maggie Gallagher Just Encourage Suicide Rather Than Marriage?

Did Maggie Gallagher Just Encourage Suicide Rather Than Marriage?

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NOM’s Maggie Gallagher got her liar-liar-pants-on-fire on this week as a testifying guest of Speaker John Boehner’s during the Congressional DOMA defense hearings. You know, the one that the majority of the country is opposed to continuing? Gallagher, who is no friend to the gays, responded to a Get Equal activist who confronted her in the hallway of Congress with a troubling remark. Even more troubling than usual, we mean.

It all goes down at the 1:16 mark.

“I took the trouble to find out that gay marriage reduced the teen suicide rate in Massachusetts, and I think if you’re concerned about teen suicide – and I am, including gay teens – that gay marriage is not a good solution to that problem.”

OK, first of all, a deep breath. Without jumping into this horns blazing, let’s try and figure out what she just said. She understands that legalizing gay marriage led to reduced rates of teen suicide in Massachusetts, and yet she adamantly works against this “solution”? The solution of course being a statewide mandate that all citizens are equal despite various sexual orientations.

We’ve watched the clip over a few times trying to understand what Gallagher may have intended by this, and how she may have misspoken if that is what led to this statement, and we’re at a loss.

What do you think of Gallagher’s words?

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