Disney Isn’t Making a Gay ‘Princes’ Film, But Here Are 14 Disney Characters Gay Kissing

Disney Isn’t Making a Gay ‘Princes’ Film, But Here Are 14 Disney Characters Gay Kissing

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Dear internet: please stop spreading the rumor that Disney is going to release a gay animated film called Princes. They aren’t. In fact, the rumor has been around since late last year and while it’s a nice idea, it’s been thoroughly debunked, so please stop posting it on your Facebook wall. You’re breaking our hearts.

disney gay kiss, disney-isnt-making-a-gay-princes-film-but-heres-14-disney-characters-gay-kissing-2We totally understand why over 60,000 people have fallen for this hoax; it contains a small kernel of truth. The original story said that the Disney film would be based on a Jeffrey A. Miles childrens book entitled The Princes and the Treasure, a book where two princes trying to save a princess fall for each other instead. The book is real, but alas, the Disney film is not.

That being said, of course we want a gay Disney film — it’s 2015 and we have yet to see Disney put an animated same-sex couple on the silver screen. But honestly, if we did get a gay Disney flick, we’d rather see lesbians (white wealthy gay guys are sooo 1999).

So while there’s not a film, here’s a bunch of Disney characters getting gay with each other, courtesy of artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros. Share THIS on your Facebook wall instead, eh?

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