‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ Showed the First Same-Sex Kiss Ever in a Disney Cartoon (Video) Entertainment

‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ Showed the First Same-Sex Kiss Ever in a Disney Cartoon (Video)

Written by Daniel Villarreal on February 25, 2017
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The Disney channel recently showed a same-sex kiss in an episode of their animated adventure series Star vs. The Forces of Evil. In the episode, Star and her close friend Marco attend a boy band concert; when the band starts playing a song called “Just Friends”, couples in the audience start kissing, including a gay couple.

You can see them at 1:26 in the clip below:

The episode caused a small sensation but not for its gay kiss; some fans had wanted Marco to end up with Star rather than Jackie, the girl he ends up kissing in the clip above.

This is actually a pretty big friggin’ deal for the House of Mouse. LGBTQ fans have long wanted Disney to show same-sex romance and this kiss in particular represents real progress. In 2014, Disney reportedly censored a lesbian couple and a transgender symbol from an episode of its Gravity Falls cartoon series. It’ll be interesting to see how anti-LGBTQ groups respond (if at all) and how Disney incorporates more LGBTQ content into its future work.

Recently, Disney has hired a transgender cartoonist to work on an upcoming show entitled Country Club, and has hinted that they’d be open to creating a feature length film with an LGBTQ princess character.

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