Disney Apparently Deleted a Same-Sex Kiss From Its TV Movie ‘Descendants 2’

Disney Apparently Deleted a Same-Sex Kiss From Its TV Movie ‘Descendants 2’

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On July 21, 2017, the Disney Channel broadcasted Descendants 2, the sequel to its successful 2015 TV film featuring the teenage offspring of its most infamous cartoon villains. But fans only recently discovered that Disney cut a gay kiss from the sequel, a smooch involving the son of Peter Pan’s Captain Hook and the son of Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston.

Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair, the actors who played Captain Hook’s son (Harry) and Gaston’s son (Gil) respectively, shared an image of the deleted kiss on Instagram.

Here’s an image of the gay kiss deleted from Descendants 2:


What’s the background on the gay kiss that Disney deleted from Descendants 2?

In the junior novelization of Descendants 2 released in June 2017, Harry and Gil kiss after Ben, the son of Belle and the Beast, announces his gift for Uma, the daughter of Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid.

Here’s the section of the novel where Harry and Gil kiss:

Apparently Doherty and Playfair filmed the scene, but it got cut from the film’s final version.

Fans have begun complaining about the scene’s deletion. One Instagram commenter said, “Why can’t Disney support gays already?”

Disney isn’t entirely comfortable with LGBTQ content

Thus far, Disney seems never to have shown a same-sex kiss in any of its live-action films or TV shows. The network did air its first-ever animated same-sex kiss in February 2017 when it briefly showed a male couple kissing in an episode of its sci-fi cartoon series Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

However, in 2014, Disney reportedly censored a lesbian couple and a transgender symbol from an episode of its Gravity Falls cartoon series even though the show featured a male same-sex couple that same year.

Recently, Disney has hired a transgender cartoonist to work on an upcoming show entitled Country Club, and has hinted that they’d be open to creating a feature length film with an LGBTQ princess character.

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