Disney Princes
Disney Princes

We Love These Sexy Disney Princes Reimagined as Adorable Gay Couples (Photos)

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With all this drama surrounding the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, we couldn’t help but wonder — what if some our favorite Disney characters (other than LeFou) were gay?

We love the idea of Tarzan lusting over Hercules, or Prince Eric getting into bed with Prince Phillip. Maybe Ursula finally gets down on one tentacle and proposes to Cruella! Or Smee and LeFou get real dirty with each other in the basement at a pirate leather bar.

Luckily for us an artist already imagined this and he used some of the hunkiest princes in Disney’s roster to display this queer love.

Isaiah Keith Stephen is a talented artist who obviously loves reimagining all types of cartoon characters. He also includes a few Disney princesses falling in love with each other as well. Who says a man has to rescue a woman after all?

Take a look at these Disney princes and princesses who were born this way:

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