This Reddit-Using Dad is Proud of His Homophobic Daughter for Hating Disney’s Gay Storyline

This Reddit-Using Dad is Proud of His Homophobic Daughter for Hating Disney’s Gay Storyline

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A father took to Reddit to gush over his 10-year-old daughter’s anti-gay views after a gay character was introduced on one of her favorite shows.  While he didn’t name the show, we’re guessing the show is The Disney Channel’s pre-teen drama Andi Mack, a show that recently broadcasted a major network first — Disney’s gay storyline involving a recurring major character that comes out.


A young person’s reaction to Disney’s gay storyline

“My daughter just came up to me yesterday,” he wrote, “and said she was never watching this show again.”

“When I asked why,” he continued, “because she loves watching these extremely stupid kid shows (she’s 10), she said, ‘Because there is this boy that has a crush on another boy’.”

He goes on:

Now I don’t really have a problem with gay folks, and have several gay friends and have offered them my full support with marriage and whatever because this is a free country where people should be allowed to pursue their own happiness, regardless of how abnormal it may be,  long as it doesn’t affect me or others, and I have never pushed any ‘anti-gay’ stuff on any of my kids, but it was an extremely proud moment for me that my 10 year old daughter is able to recognize on her own the way the media pushes the gay agenda on our children.

The line that really gets us is where he says he has gay friends, but then continues to call their sexual orientation “abnormal.”


Why is Disney’s gay storyline so needed?

The Disney Channel has been taking several gradual steps over the recent past to introduce gay, age-appropriate content to its young viewers, but this is the first time that they’ve had a majorly visible gay character who isn’t just a one-off.

Approximately 93.9 million households receive The Disney Channel. That’s nearly 100 million viewers who might see the coming out story and realize that having same-sex attractions doesn’t make you weird or any less worthy of your friend’s love.

Unless, however, you’re the girl and her bigoted dad who won’t take the time to explain to his daughter that boy-on-boy crushing is normal. No, instead he has to go and assume his 10-year-old is pushing back against the liberal agenda being forced down her throat, which we just don’t think is what’s actually happening here.

Gay representation in the mainstream media is important. We just hope there are more parents capable of having the important conversations that are supposed to follow after young people begin learning about gay people.

Homophobic apples don’t fall that far from the homophobic trees they grew on.

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