There’s a Disorder That Causes People to Have 100 Orgasms Per Day

There’s a Disorder That Causes People to Have 100 Orgasms Per Day

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Christine Decker is a 40-year-old transgender woman from Wisconsin who suffers from persistent genital arousal syndrome (PGAS), a condition that causes persistent and uncontrollable genital arousal and (sometimes) orgasms, even without genital stimulation or sexual desire. At its worst point, Decker was reportedly experiencing over 100 orgasms a day, causing great pain and embarrassment.

Decker’s issue began when she slipped a disc in her back. She experienced five orgasms while riding in the ambulance to the hospital. The next day, she had 236 orgasms.

“All these people would be staring at me and didn’t understand what was going on,” she said. “It was humiliating.”

While having non-stop orgasms may sound like heaven, it really isn’t. The orgasms can happen anywhere with even the slightest stimulation (like while riding in a car or having a cell phone buzz in your pocket). They often happen spontaneously in public, making normal concentration difficult and sapping a great deal of physical energy.

Repeated orgasms are exhausting and constant genital arousal can cause a person’s private parts to stay engorged with blood, making them very sensitive, causing debilitating pain or even causing them to lose sensation altogether. The non-stop tingling and arousal can make a person become incontinent and urinate themselves.

When Decker talked about her condition online, she found herself endlessly mocked. People, including ones she knew in real life, made fun of her. Others claimed that she had made up PGAS just to file for disability benefits.

Decker says she would never have made up such a condition just for money and attention. Rather, she spoke about it to help bring attention to the little known condition. Some people become so miserable from PGAS that they fall into a depression or commit suicide.

While doctors are unsure what causes PGAS, they think it’s caused by a neural dysfunction. Doctors sometimes treat the condition by prescribing drugs or hormones to help reduce sexual function.

Interestingly, since coming out as trans and starting hormone therapy, Decker’s daily orgasms have decreased from 100 a day to eight.

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