DIY Poppers Are the Craft Martha Stewart Won’t Be Teaching You

DIY Poppers Are the Craft Martha Stewart Won’t Be Teaching You

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If you’re a sexually adventurous and openly gay or bi person, you’ve probably heard about poppers. Some want to make sure they know exactly what’s in their bottle, so DIY poppers are now a thing, as Vice explains.

When inhaled, the recreational, nitrate-based drug provides a relaxing, intense and disorienting rush of euphoria, sensitivity and increased blood flow to the face and extremities. Because of their relaxing effect on involuntary smooth muscles in the throat and anus, many people use poppers before giving head or bottoming.

Julian Bendaña is the founder of a popular “VCR cleaning enthusiasts group,” as he calls it, on Facebook. With his biochemist boyfriend, the pair launched Double Scorpio.

Their website explains: “Ever wonder what’s in your VHS cleaner? So did we. Double Scorpio is ethically sourced in Austin, Texas. It packs twice the punch of other brands but without the burn. Made in small batches by two scorpios with a passion for clean VHS heads and superior quality.”

“Once we finally got the formula right we were also the control [group],” Julian wrote. “[My boyfriend] opened like Moses commanding the Red Seas, so then we knew they were ready to be put on the market.”

Vice reports, “Since mastering the process, they’ve started selling their unique blend of “farm to disco” Double Scorpio “cleaner” at queer dance parties, leather bars, and online, with plans to expand their popup at an upcoming local orgy.”

An Australian study released earlier this year found that nearly one-third of gay/bi men use poppers. The study, released by researchers associated with the University of New South Wales, found that about half (50.5%) of gay/bi men in the country had used illicit drugs in the previous six months. More specifically, 12% had used crystal meth, 21.8% had used erectile dysfunction medication and 32.1% had used poppers.

Now, if only Martha Stewart showed us how to make our own, we’d be able to do it ourselves. Thankfully for us, Bendaña and his boyfriend have us covered.

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