DJ Skiddle Spins Your Weekend Soundtrack! Music

DJ Skiddle Spins Your Weekend Soundtrack!

Written by Booty The Unicorn on February 28, 2017
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DJ Skiddle PBROur groove guru, Seattle’s biggest and brightest, DJ Skiddle has put together a little something-something for all you lucky unicorns in our herd. Seattle gay boys and girls live and breathe Skiddle’s mixes. Consider yourself informed. Here’s the soundtrack for the next three days of your life, you lucky unicorn!

Click here to download this weekend’s Skiddle Spins Seattle Mix.

We promise we’re not spamming you, and the only thing you’ll be infecting your computer with are sweet beats, yo!

  1. Sammy LaForge vs DJ Skiddle – Seattle Sirens (DJ Skiddle Masher)
  2. -L.A. Kendall ft Sammy LaForge – Brang Those Beats
  3. -Vintage Youth – Dancing On My Own (Raux Raux Mix)
  4. -Go Periscope – Boys Like, Girls Like
  5. -Jimmy Hendrix – Purple Haze (Benny Benassi Mix)
  6. -Muse – Supermassive Black Hole (Banger Bros Mix)
  7. -Go Periscope vs FGTH – Relax and Crush Me (Skiddle Masher)
  8. -Nirvana vs Warp Brothers – Teen Spirit (Voc 2 the Floor Mix)
  9. -Blake Lewis – Sad Song (Pilotpriest Mix)
  10. -CyberSutra – Bad Self
  11. -Sammy LaForge – Pornograffiti
  12. -Go Periscope vs Michael Jackson – Rollin’ With The Thrilled (Skiddle Masher)
  13. -CyberSutra – I Believe
  14. -Lisa Dank – Song For Julie (Sammy LaForge Mix)
  15. -Blake Lewis – Binary Love (Go Periscope Mix)
  16. -CyberSutra – Summer Sutra (Original Electro Mix)
  17. -Mel Akai – Brat (Richard J Dalton Mix)
  18. -Lisa Dank – Cookies (Sammy LaForge Mix)
  19. -Blake Lewis – Heartbreak On Vinyl (Bimbo Jones Mix)
  20. -Secret Shoppers – Genie
  21. -Go Periscope – (She Gets) Around The World
  22. -Sugar Water Purple – Roxy (Sammy LaForge Mix)
  23. -Banger Bros ft Mel Akai – Beep Beep Boom
  24. -Lisa Dank vs Sammy LaForge – On The Radio
  25. -L.A. Kendall – Starlover

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