Do You Need To Actually Like Kids To Raise Them?

Do You Need To Actually Like Kids To Raise Them?

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Current TV’s Bryan Safi is on a quest to find someone to adopt some kiddies with him. The results are hilarious. Check out Bryan’s investiGAYtion into the preparedness of gay parents, and the necessity to you know, actually like kids.

Safi points out that gay parenting is So. Hot. Right. Now. The Kids Are Alright just won a Golden Globe for best picture. Ricky Martin, Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris are new daddies. A little thing like the genetic inability of two people of the same sex to procreate can’t stop gays and lesbians from welcoming children into their families.

Safi takes to the streets parks of West Hollywood to interview the Pop Luck Club, the world’s largest gay parenting group, asking, “At what age did you start teaching [your kids] to spread the gay agenda?” Hilarity ensues.


Any Bryan Safi fans out there?

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