Dodgers Kiss Cam Shows 6 Same-Sex Couples Smooching in a Historic First for Inclusion (Video)

Dodgers Kiss Cam Shows 6 Same-Sex Couples Smooching in a Historic First for Inclusion (Video)

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Kiss cams haven’t always been kind to same-sex couples. The LGBTQ sports site Outsports notes that kiss cams “used to use two men kissing as a punch line,” but in Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium, the kiss cam has gradually started including same-sex couples for more than just a laugh.

They made history in May 2015 by featuring possibly the first ever same-sex couple to smooch on a Major League Baseball game kiss cam, and on Friday they made even more history by featuring numerous same-sex couples on their kiss cam during their fifth annual LGBT Night.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s enjoy a video of the same-sex couples kiss-camming it up at this last Friday’s game:

Sports fan Joselito Laudencia shot and posted video of the kiss cam on his Twitter, and Outsports co-founder Cyd Ziegler counted about half a dozen same-sex couples.

At the LGBT Night event, the Dodgers threw a pride kickoff party in the stadium with L.A. Pride before the game, had openly gay actor Matt Bomer throw out the ceremonial first pitch and had the following people as special guests: Brian Pendleton, the founder of the L.A. #ResistMarch; openly gay actors Noah Galvin and Guillermo Diaz; and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, the plaintiffs in the case that eventually overturned California’s anti-LGBTQ marriage law, Proposition 8.

The Stadium also offered rainbow-colored Dodgers t-shirts for an extra fee. The Dodgers ended up beating the Cincinnati Reds 7-2.

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In 2016, The Los Angeles Times interviewed Dan “Panda” Valdivia, the person who operates the Dodgers Stadium kiss cam. “Same sex, different sex, I don’t even notice, it all works as long as they kiss,” Valdivia said.

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