Does Anyone Actually Think Tracy Morgan Is Sorry?

Does Anyone Actually Think Tracy Morgan Is Sorry?

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Tracy Morgan has been on a Ride of Contrition, making the rounds to say “sorry” for saying he would stab his own son if he came out as gay. Morgan talked to homeless youth in NYC, and has now participated in a press conference in Nashville with GLAAD to continue his apologies.

“I don’t have a hateful bone in my body,” he says during the conference. “I didn’t mean it.”

Although it’s commendable that Tracy Morgan is attempting to make right, there are two things that just don’t settle well.

1) It seems that GLAAD has been using this situation as an opportunity to get as much press as possible, and rather than focusing on things that could actually make a difference – what if Tracy were to mentor someone in need? – it seems that there is just photo op after photo op. No substance, just superficial attempts at rectifying those incredibly dark and vicious words.

2) It seems that Tracy Morgan is incapable of actually being sorry. He just doesn’t sound sincere. He gives off a “just because I have to” demeanor, without any authentic sense of caring about the words he said. Perhaps he doesn’t truly understand the impact that words can have on culture – remember, some people in the Nashville audience were actually cheering when he said these terrible things – or perhaps he is just overwhelmed by how big this issue has become.

3)There’s also the fact that Tracy didn’t start apologizing until he HAD to. Prior to breaking the story of his homophobic meltdown, our very own Kevin Farrell reached out to Morgan and his publicist for an apology or comment. None was given. The next morning Unicorn Booty’s story about Morgan was the number four trending topic on Twitter in the entire country and our article had been read over 100,000 times. Only then did Morgan’s publicist offer up an apology on behalf of her client. If he is sincere in his remorse, why did it take an entire week and the glare of national negative press for him to offer up an apology?

Either way, a story line from 30 Rock comes to mind, when Tracy Morgan goes away and hides because he was tired of the public taking him too seriously. He just wanted to be “crazy Tracy” again, and just couldn’t handle it. Well, Mr. Morgan, this isn’t 30 Rock, and words have an amazing capacity to affect real-world emotions and actions.

Is it just us, or does Tracy seem to just be going through the expected motions of a star in scandal? We’d like to see some actions that have true impact, like volunteering to mentor homeless gay youth, or helping out at the Trevor Project, or donating a big, fat chunk of cash to help protect teenagers who’s parents have actually kicked them out and/or threatened to stab them for being gay!

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