‘Pose’ Star Dominique Jackson Details Transphobic Incident That Had Her Kicked Out of an Aruba Hotel

‘Pose’ Star Dominique Jackson Details Transphobic Incident That Had Her Kicked Out of an Aruba Hotel

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Pose star Dominique Jackson took to Instagram late Sunday evening to share the horrifying details of an encounter she had while vacationing in the Caribbean island of Aruba. The trans actress alleges that the Barcelo Resorts kicked her out of her room after she refused the sexual advances of a “white man.” The Dominique Jackson Aruba incident has since started a backlash against the resort.

Jackson, who has been on vacation in Aruba for a few days now, took to Instagram, saying, “I got put out of my hotel room because I wouldn’t sleep with a white man on his vacation. We’re supposed to be at the Barcelo in Aruba and we just got put out of our hotel room because I said to the white man I would not sleep with him. It was not my thing to do and he got me put out.”

Jackson continues, “We’re in Aruba and stuck and I paid like $5,000 to have this vacation and they put me out of my room because a white man said, ‘She insulted me.’ I’m out on the street with no…”

Dominique Jackson posted a few more videos after the initial video. “We’re OK,” she updates. “The Holiday Inn took us in but we will be on the next flight out of here.”

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“When the cops came they didn’t listen to us and they didn’t do anything to the other people.”

Barcelo Resorts is owned by the Barcelo Hotel Group, which also owns properties called the Royal Hideaway, Occidental and Allegro. We’ve reached out to a PR rep from the company for a statement, and will update this post if they send us one.

Fans and followers of Jackson’s have begun to troll the social media accounts for the Barcelo. One person writes, “This treatment oh @dominiquet.a.r.jackson is downright appalling. That’s how you treat your guests? By kicking them out??? Shame on @barcelohotelsresorts!!”

Another adds, “That’s crazy how y’all do people now! Someone paid good money to stay in your hotel and that’s how you treat them ????”

What do you think of the Dominique Jackson Aruba incident of her getting kicked out of the Barcelo Resorts?

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