Donal Logue’s Trans Daughter Jade Is No Longer Missing and Is ‘Safely Back Home’

Donal Logue’s Trans Daughter Jade Is No Longer Missing and Is ‘Safely Back Home’

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Donal Logue’s missing transgender daughter, Jade Logue, has safely returned home to her family in New York City, the Gotham actor’s rep confirms to the media.

“Jade is now safely back home with her family,” Logue’s rep says. “Donal is incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, and especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return.”

The 51-year-old actor revealed on June 27 that Jade had disappeared. The day before, the 16-year-old never returned home after meeting up with a friend at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn leading the New York Police Department to open an investigation into her disappearance.

“I love all people and have met tons, but honestly (I’m biased) there’s never been a more loving, innocent, cuddly child than Jade,” he wrote on Facebook. “I love her and who she is and her tribe is strong (I’ve met many wonderful people through Jade), but there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls.

Jade’s mother Kasey Smith also made a plea as well: “Jade’s gender and her sexual orientation does not matter here. What matters is that there is a child out there, my baby, Donal’s baby, out there missing.”

It is unclear when exactly she returned home, or the circumstances, but Donal Logue urged for her to come home via Twitter as recently as Thursday night.

In April 2016, it’s reported Jade tweeted about being transgender, going to social media to write, “shoutout to being trans can’t wait to be assaulted for absolutely no reason other than existing.”

The 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that kids in grades K-12 who identified as transgender or gender non-conforming reported high rates of bullying and violence at school: 78 percent reported harassment, 35 percent reported physical assault and 12 percent reported sexual violence.

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