‘The Trump Archive’ has Compiled Over 520 Hours of Wispy-Haired Video Appearances

‘The Trump Archive’ has Compiled Over 520 Hours of Wispy-Haired Video Appearances

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Remember that batshit-crazy thing President-elect Donald Trump said to Fox News that one time back in 2014? You don’t? Well, thankfully we have the Trump Archive.

The Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, has launched an “online repository” meant to host all public comments made by Trump, going back to 2009. That includes his xenophobic speeches, childish debate antics, embarrassingly snide interview appearances and all news broadcasts. You can find the Trump Archive here.

If you’re wondering why anyone would voluntarily subject himself or herself to hour upon hour of the Orange Demon spouting alt-right bullshit, the purpose of the Trump Archive is simple: accountability. Mainly it’s for journalists to research things Trump has said in the past. (Not that it’ll help win arguments with Cheeto Prez’s supporters, who dispute the very existence of facts.)

The archive will of course grow over time, but it already hosts more than 500 hours of video—statements on his tax returns, immigration, health care and even Hillary Clinton—and all of it is fact-checked by multiple sources, including FactCheck.org, PolitiFact and The Washington Post.

With many technology companies ‘running scared‘ in advance of a Trump presidency, the Internet Archive is being proactive, having announced plans late last year to build a replica database in Canada.

How sad that such action is even necessary.

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