Donald Trump Booed At His Polling Place

Donald Trump Booed At His Polling Place

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It’s election day, everybody! Our long national nightmare is almost at an end! While we still won’t know how it all shakes out until this evening, we’ve got a hunch that Donald Trump won’t win his home state of New York. As he rolled up to his polling place, this happened:

As Trump walks up to the doors, the boos get louder and louder. It’s a nice reflection of what many Americans have felt the past year.

In more serious voting news, 6.4 million people in Florida have already completed early voting. To put this in perspective, during the contentious 2000 election, 5.8 million voted — total. That’s right, over half a million more people voted early than in the entire 2000 election. And according to Huffington Post, while we can’t count the ballots until the polls close, the turnout was highest in solidly blue counties.

And, of course, as the polls start closing, we’ll be live-tweeting election results tonight at @unicornbooty — be there!

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