Here’s Why Donald Trump Finally Mentioned ‘The Gays’

Here’s Why Donald Trump Finally Mentioned ‘The Gays’

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Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the existence of gay people during Pride month, however it isn’t in a way we want to hear.

Trump has failed to say that it’s LGBT Pride month, but during a recent political rally in Iowa (yes, our president is already campaigning) he let the words ‘the gays’ leave his lips, only to bash Obama.

As you may know, there is another absolutely terrible deal from the previous administration. See how nice I am? I say the previous administration, as a opposed to the Obama Administration. Recently, I announced that we are canceling the prior administrations completely one-sided deal with the Castro regime in Cuba. Isn’t it amazing? Obama can deal with Cuba. Kills thousands of people. People in prison. Horrible to women, can deal with Iran. You talk about the gays. The women. Bad to everybody. Killed, brutal. I deal with anybody and “Donald Trump is a terrible human being.” Isn’t it unbelievable? Unbelievable. America will stand strong against communist oppression. We will make a much better deal. The deal with Cuba is a bad deal. We probably will make a deal and maybe we won’t. It will be a fair deal and a good deal for us. It won’t be a one-sided giveaway. We are also fighting every single day to achieve those fair trade deals for American factories, farms, write your ranches.”

So he mentions our community when he is trying to get votes, but when it comes to the work he does in the Oval Office, we’re missing.

Let’s talk about when he hasn’t mentioned our names.

Trump is still trying to use our community has a way to get sympathy (sympathy for the devil, perhaps.) His 2016 campaign promises to help the LGBT community have not come to fruition, and he’s been erasing our presence in many others ways since he took office in January.

Trump rolled back important Obama-era mandates that protect transgender students.

In March, the U.S. Census Bureau opted not to include questions about LGBT identity on the 2020 Census.

Earlier this month, six members of Trump’s advisory council on HIV/AIDS resigned from their posts, saying they could no longer work with a “president who doesn’t care” about the issue.

On the anniversary of the Pulse massacre, Trump vowed on Twitter to “NEVER FORGET” the 49 people who were killed but he made no mention of the LGBT community.

Yesterday was National HIV Testing Day. Trump issued a statement but it made no mention of LGBT people. Gay and bisexual men make up over half of people with HIV.

Too little, too late?

At this point, then, would it really make a difference for Trump to issue a proclamation declaring Pride Month? Wouldn’t we be appalled at the hypocrisy, the same way we criticized Ivanka Trump for mentioning Pride Month?

This is what the Daily Beast asked GLAAD’S CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. She told them that if he doesn’t say anything, “it sends a continuation of the message that he’s been sending since January which is that we’re not valued, that we’re not important, that we don’t exist, and that he and the administration that he’s put in place will do everything to roll back and unwind any progress that we’ve been able to achieve as a community.”

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