Racist Assclown Donald Trump Has Gotten Himself Fired

Racist Assclown Donald Trump Has Gotten Himself Fired

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Donald Trump is a well known entrepreneur, public figure and blowhard. He has a history of leaving nuggets of racist, homophobic and offensive statements whenever he speaks.

On June 16, during his campaign launch for Republican presidential nomination, Trump pissed off an entire race of people by ranting about Mexican immigrants. Trump said that Mexico is “sending people that have lots of problems…They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

A major backlash came from his comments and businesses associated with Trump started to drop like flies. The Spanish language television broadcast network, Univision, dropped him, NBC Universal followed suit, and Macy’s dropped his merchandise after receiving complaints from more than 700,000 people through an online petition. The Trump sponsored Miss Universe pageant has lost hosts, a network and a contestant from Mexico.

With each severed tie Trump is losing money. So far, Trump has lost 78.5 million dollars in business over his comments about Mexico. Trump did some backtracking through Twitter where he defended his statements but declared his love of Mexican people. Trump claimed he was only referring to immigrants and not Mexican people in general but his loyalty lies with the United States.

The fact that Trump said something ignorant and racist comes as no surprise to anyone. This isn’t the first time – remember in 2012 when he offered President Obama $5 million dollars to see his birth certificate? It is the first time though that he has offended an entire race of people. The companies that are removing themselves from Trump’s infamous image are finally getting on board with intolerance and prejudice not being okay. Hopefully this will spark a surge of companies to tell Mr. Trump, “You’re fired!”

(featured image via Gage Skidmore)

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