Donald Trump Is A Literal Butt Plug

Donald Trump Is A Literal Butt Plug

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Everyone knows that Donald Trump is an asshole, but now he can fit in one too! Florida-based artist Fernando Sosa has created a butt plug that resembles Trump. Sosa told The Huffington Post that he liked “the mental picture of [Trump’s] face going into people’s asses.”

Sosa created the sex toy through 3D printing as a response to Trump’s racist remarks about Mexican immigrants when he launched his presidential campaign. At the time of his comments, Sosa was working on a Jeb Bush butt plug. But when Sosa, who was born in Mexico, caught wind of Trump’s comments, he stopped making Bush and immediately started on Trump.

The Trump butt plug can be purchased for $29.99 (cheap!). Sosa has plans to create multiple versions of the Trump butt plug equipped with a snap on toupee and artificial poop to place atop his head. Sosa has a line of political butt plugs which include Kim Jong Un and Rand Paul.

If you’re interested in showing Trump the dark side of the moon, you can visit his Etsy page.

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(featured image via Amznfx)

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