Donald Trump Jr. Mocks ‘Triggered’ LGBTQ Students on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks ‘Triggered’ LGBTQ Students on Twitter

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Donald Trump Jr. must have nothing better to do than sit on Twitter like his father all day and stir up useless drama. In a new tweet, Trump Jr. put queer college students in the crosshairs of his social media anger, mocking students at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University for protesting Chick-fil-A coming to their college campus.

We’re not sure what’s worse here: a grown man using the word triggered or a grown man using the word yummy. Gross.

Trump Jr. links to the article “University’s LGBT Students ‘Fear’ Arrival Of Chick-fil-A” published on conservative site The Daily Caller.  Great American songbook singer David Krayden writes, “It’s not about the chicken sandwiches but the fact that the corporation had the temerity to support traditional marriage during the same-sex marriage debate.”

Chick-fil-A donated over $5 million to groups that oppose same-sex marriage. More than $3 million was donated primarily to Christian organizations whose agendas included positions that oppose same-sex marriage.

If a private company has the right to fund anti-gay marriage initiatives like Krayden suggests, don’t students also have the right to protest Chick-fil-A coming to their campus? Higher education is just as much part of the private sector as a company like Chick-fil-A is. Why does Donald Trump Jr. care if students who pay $36,394 a year are speaking out against their company, we mean campus culture?

This goes back to the religious right’s decision to discriminate based on “God’s word.” Bianca Del Rio pointed it out perfectly earlier this week, so we will conclude with her words.

“You are either for gay rights or you’re not. It’s very simple. And if you’re a Christian and are told to love everyone, why the fuck do you care what homosexuals or gay people are doing? I just find of course, every time you put a religion or Bible in front of it, it is always very hypocritical coming from these people. And that is how I look at it.”

Preach, queen!

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