Donald Trump Tweeted About Nordstrom During a Scheduled Intelligence Briefing

Donald Trump Angrily Tweeted About Nordstrom Dropping Ivanka During a Scheduled Intelligence Briefing

This morning, Donald Trump spent his time during a scheduled intelligence briefing to write an angry tweet about Nordstrom.

The President of the United States of America thought to use his authority as the most powerful man in the world to whine that a department store had dropped his daughter’s fashion line.

Even worse, the offending tweet was retweeted by @POTUS, the official Twitter account of the President of the United States.

What’s even more galling about this is that, according to the time stamp on the tweet, Trump tweeted about Nordstrom during a scheduled intelligence briefing, as CNN’s Bill Weir notes:

Eighty years ago, America had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his fireside chats, in which he soothed the tortured soul of a frightened nation. Eight years ago, we had Barack Obama, who used YouTube to connect with Millennials in a way that other politicians had never managed before. Now, we have an overgrown child who whines about personal issues on social media like a dirtbag teen playing with his smartphone during remedial algebra.