Donald Trump Has Cost the U.S. Tourism Industry $185 Million

Donald Trump Has Cost the U.S. Tourism Industry $185 Million

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The Global Business Travel Association estimates that President Trump has cost the U.S. tourism industry $185 million in lost revenue since the election.

Interest in tourism to the United States has plunged since Donald Trump became president, according to data from travel companies.

Travel search engine Kayak, noted in the Guardian, reports a 32-58% decline in searches for flights to major U.S. cities including Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Flight prices haven’t sunk yet (it usually takes a few weeks), but hotel prices have declined by 39% in Las Vegas and by 32% in New York City.

Meanwhile, Flight app Hopper showed that international flight searches to the U.S. has fallen 17% since Trump’s inauguration, with a 30% decrease from predominantly Muslim countries.

Overall, Hopper found, flight demand to the U.S. decreased in 94 out of 122 countries, though it increased by 88% in Russia. Maybe they’re hoping for a chance to pee on the Commander in Chief.

We can’t blame the rest of the world for wanting to avoid us. After all, our country’s behavior — like putting up walls, banning Muslims, turning people away for using a gay hookup app and detaining children and old ladies in airports — sends a strong message to the rest of the world: “keep out.” It looks like they’re listening.

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