Don’t Call Shia LaBeouf A Fa**ot

Don’t Call Shia LaBeouf A Fa**ot

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Shia LaBeouf walks into a bar. A fan asks, “Can I get an autograph?”

Shia refuses, and the fan calls him a faggot. Shia’s all, “I don’t need this shit, bra”, and leaves the bar. But then the fan is all, PUNCH! Right in the kisser.

Shia LaBeouf was handcuffed and escorted from a Sherman Oaks bar this weekend after a fan called him a gay slur, and punched the actor in the mouth. No charges were filed against the Transformers star, since uh, he didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Props to the young star for attempting to do the right thing and walking away from the situation. Sucksville that it didn’t quite work out.

Lesson of the day: Please don’t call Shia LaBeouf a faggot.

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