Don’t Debate Fascists. Destroy Them.

Don’t Debate Fascists. Destroy Them.

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So, fascism is trendy again. What to do? Most liberals seem to suggest taking the high road. Michelle Obama said of the right wing, “When they go low, we go high.” Trevor Noah sat down to a cordial chat with a popular white supremacist. And liberal publication Mother Jones chose to respond to the threat to our democracy by writing about how sexy Nazis are.

What the fuck, Mother Jones?

These approaches are well-intentioned (except maybe that last one—seriously, what the fuck Mother Jones?), but they are foolhardy. Fascists should not be debated. They must be crushed.

What’s Wrong with Debating Fascists?

You can’t use logic to talk people out of a belief they hold for irrational reasons. And fascists are fascists for irrational reasons: mainly fear, anger and sexual frustration. Cite all the statistics you want; you won’t change their minds.

If anything, debating fascists makes things worse. To debate someone is to show them respect. It’s saying, “I think you’re a reasonable person capable of civilized discourse.” It treats fascism like a valid position to take, like a simple matter of opinion instead of a dangerous moral affliction.

Even worse, debating fascists helps them spread their opinions. When Trevor Noah had Blitzkrieg Barbie Tomi Lahren on his show, he gave her a chance to reach an audience of millions. She’s more popular than ever among the frothing, unfuckable hordes of the alt-right.

How Do You Crush a Fascist?

We’re not asking you to run around bashing people with a sack full of doorknobs, but intimidation and humiliation can work very well against white supremacists and fascists.

The people who become fascists, neo-nazis, alt-rightists and so on are largely impotent, frightened failures who want to make themselves feel important by hurting others. Humiliating them, intimidating them and making them look weak takes away their sense of importance and destroys the purpose of their movement.

The KKK planned a pro-Trump march in North Carolina on Dec. 3. When a big group of counter-protestors showed up with baseball bats, the KKK lost their nerve and scuttled to another location 40 miles away. The Klan’s retreat made them look pitiful and weak. As one counter-protester pointed out:

On an episode of the popular leftist Chapo Trap House podcast, guest “T” (Twitter user @RickyRawls) called American white supremacy a racialized form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Any attention we give these people, positive or negative, only serves as “narcissistic supply.” In other words, it feeds the narcissist’s need for attention. Here’s his proposed non-violent way to respond:

If you make the narcissistic injury of interacting with you outweigh the narcissistic supply, then they don’t like to interact with you anymore. You have to mock them in a way that outweighs whatever benefit the attention is. I’ll give you an example of an interaction I had with an alt-right person that was bothering me. This guy was showing me all these things that white people invented. And he’s, “Black people never did this. Black people never invented writing. They never knew language.” There were facts that I could’ve come back with, things that black people invented. But I’m like, “If I even validate the argument, that’s going to give him some of my narcissistic supply.” So I’m not even going to go there. So I’m like, “What’s the last big accomplishment that you did? You’ve done nothing with your life.”

So when dealing with a fascist or a white supremacist, don’t take Michelle Obama’s advice to “go high.” Instead, go low and hit him right in the balls.

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