Don’t Murder Your Son’s Boyfriend, Please

Don’t Murder Your Son’s Boyfriend, Please

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Alan James Culley is off to jail for the next six years of his life, after he stabbed his son’s boyfriend’s face before slitting open his neck. When his son tried to intervene, Culley stabbed him too, this time in the hand.

Culley Jr. tells Northwest Evening News:

“My dad and mum, who live on Walney, were visiting us at my place in Ardwick in Manchester. Dad had been to the pub round the corner for a drink and when he came back for tea he was drunk.

“Richard, my partner at the time, asked him to be quiet and dad just lunged at him and started punching him. Dad went upstairs and I asked him to leave.”

Mr Culley thought that would be the end of the incident until he saw his father coming back down the stairs with a knife.

He said: “He was screaming and saying ‘I’m going to slit your throat’, we had no idea it was going to escalate like it did.”

“He lunged at Richard, slit his face down one side then lunged again and slit his throat.

“I stuck my hand out to try and stop him and he stabbed my hand; but if I hadn’t done that, Richard wouldn’t be alive. The doctors said it was a matter of millimetres away from his jugular and if the knife had gone through that, he would have been a goner.”

Well, that’s no good. But it gets worse. In court, Culley Sr. denied the entire attempted murder even happened, forcing his son to give the testimony that put his father away in the slammer. Jerk.

Attention parents: Don’t kill your child’s partner. No matter what.

You’d think that would go without saying, but alas, these are strange times!

Via Northwest Evening News

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