This ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Was Accused of an Incestuous Affair in His Divorce Proceedings

This ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Was Accused of an Incestuous Affair in His Divorce Proceedings

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Sen. Joey Hensley, a conservative Christian from Tennessee who sponsored a “Don’t Say Gay” bill to ban teachers from talking about homosexuality, was accused by his wife of adultery — with his second cousin.

According to testimony of multiple witnesses during divorce proceedings, Hensley, a physician, has been carrying on an affair since 2014 with nurse named Lori Barber, who just happens to be his second cousin.

In addition to being his blood relative and his lover, Barber is also his patient. That’s a clear violation of medical ethics already, but it gets even worse. Barber testified that Hensley was giving her a lot of opioids. According to the Nashville Scene, Barber told her husband’s lawyer that her parents thought she was taking too many Lortabs, but “I was taking exactly what I was prescribed [by Dr. Hensley].”

Hensley has a history of pushing right-wing anti-LGBTQ bills. Nashville Scene writes:

Hensley gained national notoriety in 2012 as a sponsor of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would have banned public school teachers from even mentioning that homosexuality exists. During one hearing that year, Hensley commented, “I don’t think Modern Family is appropriate for children to watch” — because it features a married gay couple raising children. This session, Hensley is sponsoring a bill from the Tennessee Family Action Council that would make children created using donor sperm illegitimate — an attempt to make it harder for gay and lesbian parents to establish paternity. He is also a sponsor of the so-called “Milo Bill,” aimed at liberal practices on college campuses.

So, according to Hensley, talking about homosexuality in school is wrong, but letting a neo-Nazi pederasy advocate hold a hate rally on campus is mandatory. Being gay is wrong, but boning your cousin is right. Family values!

But there’s an even darker side to all this. Hensley’s ex-wife Gina says he hit her with his car twice, and eventually took out an order of protection from him.

Hensley has been married four times.

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