‘Don’t Say Gay’ Rep. Calls Bill Neutral

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Rep. Calls Bill Neutral

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Stacey Campfield talks about his 'don't say gay' billRep. Stacey Campfield is the Tennessee Republican who proposed the so-called “don’t say gay” bill, where teachers could not mention homosexuality in any class discussions regarding sexuality. He is interviewed on CNN, where he says that us gays have “been vocal in, let’s just say, not too kind words.”

Duh, Stacey! First off, the bill is ridiculous, frivolous, pointless, ineffective, ideological, and a waste of time.

Second, we don’t take kindly to some “straight” dude named Stacey Campfield (OK, I know it’s a cheap shot, but the irony is just TOO MUCH) telling us that he knows what’s best for everyone’s kids.

He insists on letting “the families decide” because this is a “controversial issue,” which seems like an awfully slippery slope. If we just start ignoring controversial issues in education, what kind of children are we going to be raising as the next generation of Americas? One that is impossibly ignorant and unable to think critically for themselves?

I thought school was about creating well-rounded individuals through a broad base of knowledge, not about creating an ideological playground.

He also refers to gays and lesbians as “the ones,” talks about our “personal sexuality choices,” and says, “My bill is neutral. It doesn’t say anybody can speak for it or against it.”

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