Amid Kesha War, Dr. Luke Gets Booted as CEO of Sony’s Kemosabe Records

Amid Kesha War, Dr. Luke Gets Booted as CEO of Sony’s Kemosabe Records

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In Kesha’s ongoing legal war with Dr. Luke, there is a new development. According to documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is distancing itself from Dr. Luke. They booted him from the company and his role as CEO of Kemosabe Records.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Now, Dr. Luke’s relationship with Sony is under a microscope, and according to one source, the two sides are in the midst of negotiating a split. Another insider pushes back on the notion of a divorce. But according to court papers, he is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records and the company asserts he no longer has authority to act on its behalf. A page devoted to Dr. Luke on Sony Music’s website has also been taken down.

While this seems like a victory for Kesha, that not’s necessarily true. Dr. Luke is countersuing her for defamation. He even filed a motion to subpoena superfan Michael Eisele, for allegedly “closely coordinating” with Kesha’s camp to spread “defamatory statements and tarnish [Dr. Luke]’s reputation.”

Dr. Luke’s boot from Sony will only strengthen his case against Kesha for ruining his name, possibly making it harder for to win.

At SXSW, we had the opportunity to hear Kesha speak during a candid conversation The talk never did breach anything revolving Dr. Luke (probably for legal reasons), but here is one memorable answer from Kesha about what it means to be a feminist.

“To be a feminist — I think it’s to be myself unabashedly and unapologetically, and to stand for all the things I think are right, and to be all the things I want to be,” Kesha said. “I can be a sexy, funny, gross, psycho, intelligent, beautiful animal rights activist that pisses in the street. I’m a motherfucking woman who can be every single one of those things,” Kesha said. “They’re not mutually exclusive.”

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